Mischief abounds in the childrenswear department of Harvey Nichols August 15 2014, 0 Comments

Hello dear reader,

It is with some trepidation we post this latest installation in our blog (oh, how we detest that word) announcing the arrival of the latest collection from Nanny Pickle into the hallowed halls of Harvey Nichols, London.

Why be nervous of such a celebratory occasion, I hear you ask?

Well, as you know, Nanny Pickle has in her charge a wee bairn formerly known as Bad Bunny. We say formerly, for you see, when Nanny was off visiting Mr Edward Smythe-Edwards, purveyor of fine meats, for her weekly purchase of best Cumberland sausages, Bad Bunny took himself off to the Department of Names and Such and changed his name by deed poll to…wait for it…Pop. We can only hazard a guess as to why he chose that name. Possibly comes from the fact he loves to eat beans of the baked kind?

However, we digress as to the reason for trepidation, not celebration.

Well, you see, Pop (formerly known as Bad Bunny), did insist on accompanying said collection to London and ensuring the lovely sales assistants, in their perfectly ironed, buttoned down crisp white blouses, displayed Nanny's goods in an appropriate manner.

We here at the coalface of the business are worried you see, because he insisted on packing his glue gun, boxes of glitter and sequins, permanent markers (neon, of course) and a rather large papier maché pink flamingo in order to "style" the collection.

He also offered to take control of the instore loudspeaker system to announce to all and sundry, said arrival and subsequent stunning display of the collection created by his own artistic paw.

More importantly, he felt, was the announcement that his most striking resemblance was featured on many of the styles in the collection, and that this would indeed be of most interest to the stylish customers of Harvey Nichols (he also forewarned the security guards to be on high alert once this announcement was made as it would be sure to cause instore hysteria in the rush to purchase said styles). 

We here at the office think we might all just go for a nice lie down and try to forget what chaos may currently be unfolding for the poor ladies trying to do their job in the childrenswear department of Harvey Nichols. We just hope Scotland Yard and the Australian Embassy do not need to become involved…