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Mischief abounds in the childrenswear department of Harvey Nichols August 15 2014, 120 Comments

Hello dear reader,

It is with some trepidation we post this latest installation in our blog (oh, how we detest that word) announcing the arrival of the latest collection from Nanny Pickle into the hallowed halls of Harvey Nichols, London.

Why be nervous of such a celebratory occasion, I hear you ask?

Well, as you know, Nanny Pickle has in her charge a wee bairn formerly known as Bad Bunny. We say formerly, for you see, when Nanny was off visiting Mr Edward Smythe-Edwards, purveyor of fine meats, for her weekly purchase of best Cumberland sausages, Bad Bunny took himself off to the Department of Names and Such and changed his name by deed poll to…wait for it…Pop. We can only hazard a guess as to why he chose that name. Possibly comes from the fact he loves to eat beans of the baked kind?

However, we digress as to the reason for trepidation, not celebration.

Well, you see, Pop (formerly known as Bad Bunny), did insist on accompanying said collection to London and ensuring the lovely sales assistants, in their perfectly ironed, buttoned down crisp white blouses, displayed Nanny's goods in an appropriate manner.

We here at the coalface of the business are worried you see, because he insisted on packing his glue gun, boxes of glitter and sequins, permanent markers (neon, of course) and a rather large papier maché pink flamingo in order to "style" the collection.

He also offered to take control of the instore loudspeaker system to announce to all and sundry, said arrival and subsequent stunning display of the collection created by his own artistic paw.

More importantly, he felt, was the announcement that his most striking resemblance was featured on many of the styles in the collection, and that this would indeed be of most interest to the stylish customers of Harvey Nichols (he also forewarned the security guards to be on high alert once this announcement was made as it would be sure to cause instore hysteria in the rush to purchase said styles). 

We here at the office think we might all just go for a nice lie down and try to forget what chaos may currently be unfolding for the poor ladies trying to do their job in the childrenswear department of Harvey Nichols. We just hope Scotland Yard and the Australian Embassy do not need to become involved…


Change is as good as a holiday....although a holiday would be really nice. June 05 2013, 115 Comments

Welcome to Nanny Pickle's all new look website. Oh my, we have been waiting for this day for a wee while now, but these things take time.

To be honest the update has got us thinking.

Change may well indeed be good for the soul but just as importantly the Au Pairs feel that a time for reflection is just as important.

Taking the time to look back without regret is, without wanting to sound like a self-help book, reaffirming. 

So here it is, our look back on the past five years...the things that worked and the things that didn't work as well....we like to call them learnings!

Nanny Pickle's first ever collection...we were told that green would never sell. This is where we learnt not to listen to everybody all the time. The green sold out very quickly indeed.

We then introduced two new colours into the range and as you can see we also did soft toys, paper products, lampshades, wall canvases, height charts and gift boxes. What we found was that we had bitten off more than we could chew so...

We made the decision to just concentrate on the clothing. This gave us more time to concentrate on the production process. Although we then realised that something was missing from our marketing images...

Sheer genius...why don't we actually put a baby in our clothing? Well the real reason was that up until this time we had been shooting everything on Au Pair Jennine's 8 year old daughter's point and shoot camera. So we saved our pennies and bought an actual camera with a lens and all! 

Of course the new found freedom lead to...

All sorts of possibilities unfolded as we began to really get a feel for how we wanted our customers to see the brand. A touch of whimsy and a bit of a giggle seemed to be etched in our minds with everything we did. Which led to our next collection...

Spot the Difference! We had so much fun with this one. Babies just look gorgeous in spots. Spots are fun, spots make people smile. Which led us to our current range...


"Some Days are Diamonds" made us realise that we are a tad more confident in what we do. So, we had that conversation about do we expand a little? which has lead to:


Our first pair of shoes, our first pair of cable knit tights and Bad Bunny's A to Z Alphabet Flash Cards...featuring Bad Bunny in 26 crazy guises.



because he is the reason that we are still here and laughing.

Until next time Nursery Peeps...that's modern speak you know!