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Welcome to the wonderful world of Nanny Pickle, a label like no other.

The Nanny Pickle range encompasses infant sleepwear through to play wear including everyday wear, shoes and accessories through to gifts and gift boxes.

What sets Nanny Pickle apart is our bespoke blend of bamboo and organic cotton fabric (70% bamboo, 25% organic cotton, 5% athlete grade elastene - to give a snug fit). The fabric is milled in China, the only country that commercially mills bamboo, and then our garments are constructed by an eco friendly factory with ethical work standards (an important factor for our decision on where to manufacture).

Nanny Pickle is an ecological and organic label with an planet sustainability focus. Bespoke milled for our label, our fabric, using GOTS approved water based dyes is free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals making it a safer choice for babies.

Bamboo has the benefit of being hypoallergenic – highly recommended for a baby’s sensitive skin – and particularly for those babies that suffer from eczema. It is also breathable, unlike other fibres, and so ensures the baby’s body temperature is comfortably maintained – cool for the baby in summer, and warm in winter. As an added benefit it is also antibacterial and protects
from UV rays.    

Nanny Pickle designs with a sense of innocence, an understated romance and a nod to more nostalgic times. Practical, functional and beautiful, our garments are made to the highest quality and tested stringently to exceptional standards (Japanese standards of testing for all components). Each design is meticulously executed with signature detailing, wide hems giving perfect drape, fully lined garments for uncompromising comfort, and an aesthetic inspired by the effortless style of European design. Nanny Pickle is a label unique to anything currently available
on the Australian market.

A unique and beautiful label for a unique and beautiful world.